Welcome to Lash Dreams.

Where your lash dreams are made.

Our History

Lash Dreams is an eyelash extension salon that was founded in Las Vegas in July 2021 by Charisse, who has 7 years of experience as a lash artist in the beauty industry. Charisse began her career in commission-based salons but eventually became an independent beauty professional and experienced firsthand the struggles that come with this. She realized that there was rampant exploitation and mistreatment of both beauticians and their clients in the industry. Together with her partner Christopher, Charisse decided to make a change in the beauty industry by starting their own salon. Their goal is to end the exploitation of beauty professionals and clients by promoting and nurturing aspiring beauty professionals to provide high-quality services in a healthy and ethical way.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lash Dreams is to spread confidence by providing the best and healthiest lash services possible. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for our beauty professionals, putting an end to the exploitation that is all too common in the beauty industry. By choosing Lash Dreams, you're not only treating yourself to the best lash services, but you're also supporting a movement towards a healthier, more ethical beauty industry.

unhealthy lash work
Other Salon Unhealthy Work - Notice how all the lashes are clumped together causing discomfort and premature balding of your lashes.
healthy lash work
Lash Dreams Healthy Isolation - Notice how all the lashes are perfectly isolated from each other allowing each individual lash to grow healthily.

The Best Lash Services

As the lash industry continues to grow, we are unfortunately seeing an increase in clients with damaged natural lashes from previous, unhealthy work. At Lash Dreams, we take this issue very seriously and are committed to providing the highest level of care for our clients' natural lashes. We prioritize the training of our lash technicians with the best techniques, and perform thorough quality checks to ensure the health and integrity of your natural lashes throughout the lash extension process. Additionally, we ensure that our lash artists are up-to-date with the latest styles and trends so that we can offer you the exact look you desire. Trust us to not only enhance your beauty but also prioritize the health and safety of your natural lashes.

End Exploitation

We are dedicated to making a positive change in the lash industry. We believe in treating all of our employees with the utmost respect and fairness, recognizing them as skilled professionals. We understand that the exploitation of beauty professionals is all too common in the industry, and we are committed to being a part of the solution. By creating a work environment where our lash artists feel valued and supported, we are able to attract and retain the most talented individuals, which in turn allows us to offer you the highest quality lash services.


Building up community amongst professionals and clients is one of our main values that we hold closest to heart as a business. We have a zero lash artist turnover rate in both of our establishments and continue to nurture our lash artists into becoming potential business owners and entrepreneurs in order to expand our values and impact into the community. We also reciprocate our gratitude to our loyal clients by having numerous referral programs and always try to give back when possible. There is no “catch” when working with us or being our client — our goal is to genuinely end the toxic environments and mistreatment of beauty professionals and clients alike.

Our Values

Healthy Beauty

We believe that feeling beautiful should never come at the cost of your physical health. We are dedicated to performing every service with the highest level of care and expertise to maintain the integrity of your natural lashes. To ensure that our lash artists are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry standards, we provide regular staff development trainings. Additionally, we are committed to using only the highest quality products. This allows us to offer you the best possible service and use the top products available in the lash industry, while also ensuring that our practices align with our values of ethics and sustainability. At Lash Dreams, you can trust that we prioritize both your beauty and your well-being.


We strive to make a difference in the industry by doing things right by the beauty professionals who work with us and the clients who decide to get their lash extensions with us. We put our best efforts to be completely honest and transparent even when it's hard.


We stay open to criticism, own up to and learn from the mistakes we make, in order to provide better services to our clients.