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Where your lash dreams are made.

Our History

Lash Dreams is a lash extension salon founded in Las Vegas on July 2021. Charisse has worked in the beauty industry for 7 years as a lash artist. After beginning her journey at other commission-based salons and then moving on and experiencing the struggles of being an independent beauty professional, she realized that the exploitation and mistreatment of beauty professionals and their clients are rampant. Charisse and her partner Christopher decided to make a change in the beauty industry by starting their own salon to end the exploitation and help promote and nurture aspiring beauty professionals.

Our Mission

Spread confidence with the best lash services and end the exploitation of beauty professionals.

The Best Lash Services

We are committed to training all our lash technicians with the best techniques to ensure the health and integrity of your natural lashes. We also train our lash artists on the latest styles and trends so we are always prepared to give you exactly what you're looking for.

End Exploitation

We strive to make a change in the lash industry by treating all our beauty professionals with respect and fairness.

Our Core Values

Wholesome Beauty

We believe feeling beautiful should not jeopardize your physical health. We strive to perform every service properly and maintain the integrity of your lashes. We hold regular staff development trainings for lash artists to ensure up-to-date knowledge and techniques on lashing. Our high quality products are also cruelty free and don’t derive from any animal by-products, giving our clients the best service and using the top products in the lash industry.


We strive to make a difference in the industry by doing things right by the beauty professionals who work with us and the clients who decide to get their lash extensions with us. We put our best efforts to be completely honest and transparent even when it's hard.


We stay open to criticism, own up to and learn from the mistakes we make, in order to provide better services to our clients.